When you’re cruising, your dinghy is your link to the world that exists outside of your boat. A good dinghy and engine will give you the freedom to anchor instead of always paying for marinas. A good dinghy and outboard will open all sorts of exploration and greatly expand your fishing, snorkeling and picnic range. Hello World‘s dinghy is an Avon 2.81 fiberglass bottom RIB. This little dinghy has taken us to some incredible places.

The stern davits make carrying the dinghy short work. We can drop the dinghy in the water in a minute and we can lift the dinghy up out of the water and stow securely in about five minutes.

Beaches are one of the main reasons to go cruising. Beach landings can be tricky. We bought a set of Danard Marine dinghy wheels and haven’t regretted it once. The wheels are tall enough that they will hit the seafloor before the engine prop does which allows you to get just a little farther in before someone has to hop and haul the dinghy ashore. The wheels have saved us untold number of hernias when the tide went out from underneath our dinghy.


Hello World comes with a 2003 Johnson 15HP 2-stroke outboard. It’s light enough to get on and off the boat without much fuss. We have a crane on the stern rail with a 2:1 purchase that makes short work of raising and lowering the engine. On our Avon 2.81 RIB, this engine will easily plane with three adults or two adults, a giant pile of laundry and enough groceries for a zombie apocalypse.