Custom Refrigerator

The original fridge on Hello World ran off a beast of an AC compressor that we always suspected was pulled out of a morgue cooler. When we ran it off the inverter, it drew 70 amps! This fridge put our goal of lazing about at anchor not listening to a generator in jeopardy. This coupled with thin insulation from the factory that had deteriorated over the years, we didn’t run it much while sailing to Mexico. The lesson from that trip was: DO NOT GO TO TROPICAL WATERS WITHOUT THE ABILITY TO MAKE BEER COLD.

After we got back from Mexico, we swore we would never travel anywhere without the ability to get a can of beer really really cold. And so we launched the Great Fridge Rebuild of 2011. Because of the way Caliber built the galley, we couldn’t remove the counter tops without causing a significant amount of damage. Which then meant we spent a lot of time hanging upside down in the fridge box space. We ripped the old box and insulation out all the way down to the hull, replaced the insulation and built a newer, significantly better insulated fridge box. We built this thing to be wicked efficient while laying to anchor in some stupidly remote atoll in the south Pacific. In the colder water of the Pacific Northwest, we measured a daily amp draw on the fridge while cruising at around 15 amp hours per day. We never got back to tropical waters to test it in warm waters. We’d really love someone to buy this boat, sail her somewhere tropical and report back to us!

Fridge specs

  • Seafrost BD-XP 12VDC air cooled system
  • Seafrost stainless steel freezer bin
  • custom beer can well the exact height of a 12oz can
  • 9″ XPS insulation below the box
  • 5″ to 11″ XPS insulation on the outboard side
  • 4″ XPS insulation aft
  • 6″ XPS insulation forward
  • 3″ polyisocyanurate insulation + 0.75″ reflectix insulation inboard

You can read all about the project on our blog here:

The complete construction process: