Keel & Underbody

Update October 12, 2016
We discovered a seacock that was frozen so we hauled out to replace that thru-hull and seacock and four others that didn’t look good. Below is some photos of the boat hauled out as of October 12, 2016.

Hello World‘s three-quarter keel gives her a nice amount of tracking, stability and performance while maintaining her maneuverability. She draws a hair over 5 feet giving you the ability to tuck in just a bit tighter in that shallow sand anchorage.

Skeg-hung rudder
A large rudder reduces the stress of maneuvering through tight marinas and slips with cross winds. The rudder is hung from an integral skeg and secured off the bottom of the skeg with a strong bronze shoe.

Max-Prop Feathering Propellor
She also comes with a 16″ three-blade Max-Prop feathering propellor. This prop will bite as aggressively in reverse as it will in forward. When sailing, the propellor blades will feather to significantly reduce drag.