Yanmar 4JH2E

Hello World is a sailboat and she sails really well for a bluewater cruiser. But in the Pacific Northwest, wind is unreliable at best and if you want to go somewhere, you’re often propelled by the grace of your iron genny. Hello World‘s 46HP Yanmar 4JH2E has been nothing but awesome for us. It’s a reliable engine that starts every time. The dual Racor filters have kept us free of any fuel problems, even after fueling in some remote depots in British Columbia and Baja Mexico. If you take care of these engines – make sure they have clean air, clean fuel, clean oil – their service life can easily extend past 10,000 hours.

  • 46HP
  • 4,360 engine hours (approximately)
  • 4 cylinders
  • 0.6 gallons per hour consumption at 2,300 RPM
  • raw water heat exchanger (sea water cools the engine coolant, it does not directly cool the engine)

The companionway stairs can be completely removed to provide unfettered access to the front of the engine. The raw water impellor is accessed through a panel near the galley floor. The engine can be quickly inspected and oil checked just by lifting the top step of the companionway stairs.

Engine heat is scavenged from the coolant to create both hot water in the 6 gallon hot water heater and to create cabin heat with the REAL hydronic heater. The hydronic heater combined with the cockpit enclosure make for comfortable cold weather passages.

Spare Parts

We’ve cruised some pretty remote places in Hello World where self sufficiency is really the only option. Towards that end, we collected spares for critical equipment and carried them with us. Our previous owners also handed us a large inventory of spare parts when we purchased Hello World in 2008. Here’s a greatest hits list, by no means exhaustive, of what’s in our spares locker and comes with the boat sale:

  • VHF antenna
  • head spares
  • fuel filters
  • Profurl furler parts
  • Yanmar gasket sets and liquid gasket
  • winch oil
  • electrical parts, connectors, fuses
  • through hulls
  • seacocks
  • vacuum gauge
  • spare coax
  • impellors
  • watermaker belts
  • zincs
  • loads more spares